Monday, July 28, 2008

Faith & Politics

We're hearing a lot of discussion this year about the role of faith in politics, first because it is a presidential election year, but second because the Democratic candidate at times is more comfortable talking about his Christian faith than the Republican candidate (different from previous election cycles). A few interesting links to get you thinking this morning about the intersection of faith and politics...

One of the more interesting potential vice-presidential possibilities on the Republican side this year is Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, a 37-year old Indian immigrant who converted from the Hinduism of his parents to Catholicism as a high-school student. You can read more about this guy in this article in the WSJ.

Two, Andy Stanley has done a great sermon series this summer called "Letters the Next President" where he shared three biblical principles he wants the next president to remember. I thought the series was great and very thought-provoking. Check out this site for all the details.

Third, interesting news out that Rick Warren, the pastor of Saddleback Church in California and the author of The Purpose-Driven Life, will be hosting both presidential candidates on Saturday, August 16th at his church. Warren will moderate a one hour interview with McCain and a one hour interview with Obama. This will be one of the few times this campaign season that the two candidates are the same place, on the same stage, talking to the same moderator. I'm encouraged that God has given Warren this platform in our country. You can listen to him talk very intelligently about the intersection of faith and politics in this interview with CNN:

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