Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sleepless Nights

The nights of the newborn are sleepless nights.

When we had our first son, I remember being frustrated when he kept me awake late at night, rocking him, singing to him, swaddling him, all in a vain attempt to get him to calm down and sleep.

Last night was one of those nights...

Son3 was up throwing up everything he ate yesterday (and if you know Kale, this was a large amount), and my daughter (still weird to write that) has her days and nights messed up as most newborns do.

But something has changed. I really enjoyed last night. I guess now I realize that it all goes by so fast, that I will wake up in a year and Brynlee will be walking around our house. In two years, she'll be talking, and in three years, she'll be ordering her older brothers around our house.

All that to say, the sleepless nights don't last.

I want to enjoy every one.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, my, I will try to remember these words when I'm there on Sat. and Sun. nights when I'm rocking and walking Miss Brynlee. I'm looking forward to being there with her and sharing her with her Aunt Karen.
Love, Mom

Dana said...

Oh dear, not a pretty night, but one to cherish non the less!