Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Father and Sons

Now that Barie and I have finished having children, I've been thinking a lot about the short time that you get to enjoye while your kids are at home. I'm having a hard time processing that Kade turns 5 this October - it just seems like yesterday that he was born.

I just finished reading Tim Russert's book about his dad, Big Russ & Me, which is a great telling of his childhood and life through the lens of what he learned from his father. Barie and I really came to enjoy Tim's style of journalism on the night of Bush v. Gore in 2000. We had just been married in the spring and were enjoying married life together at our small apartment in Waco. We stayed up most of the night waiting to hear about the results of the election. It was a memorable night, all the more so because of Russert and his white dry-erase board that he had on the set with him.

Tim passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this June. You can check out MSNBC's memorial for him on their website. There are some moving video segments from the memorial service. Tim was a awesome guy, and his book recounts a remarkable life. He died at the age of 58, and with my dad turning 57 this year, it is a reminder to me that we're never certain how many days we have left.

More than anything, Russert's book reminded me of the value of Fathers to the Sons. My dad has and will continue to make a big impact on the way that I see the world. And I know that my life will impact my kids. Russert tells wonderful stories of going on trips with his dad, seeing sporting events together, and doing normal father-son stuff. I'm so looking forward to the next 20 years as I get to enjoy making those kind of memories with my sons.

Thanks, Tim, for the reminder and for a life well-lived...

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Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a good read, too.
Please share that one with me.
Love, Mom