Saturday, August 02, 2008

I think my job's hard...

...but today I have a whole new appreciation for what my wife does.

Barie left yesterday at lunch time for a two-night scrap-booking retreat and will be back on Sunday. She took our newborn, Brynlee, with her for feeding purposes, and I am at home with the three boys.

So, today I woke up and began taking care of the boys - the usual - making beds, changing clothes, feeding breakfast. Then I started with the dishes, picking up toys, decided to clean up the kitchen from last night and mop the floor.

At this point, it's 10:00 am and we're late for a swimming appointment I made for the main pool in our neighborhood. We swim with friends for 1.5 hours, then head to Chick-fil-a (everyone else's pick on Saturday for lunch) to eat and play.

We get home by 1:30 pm. I get the kids cleaned up and changed from swimming, and now everyone is resting. It's 3:11. I'm finally reading my Bible, paying some bills, writing in my journal.

And my first point today: thank you God for a wife who does all this incredibly draining and hard work with such joy, energy, compassion, grace, and love. And thank you God that she has anything left at the end of the day to give to her husband.

My conclusion: I am a blessed man - I have a great wife and my job is a piece of cake.


Anonymous said...

Love ya!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Ha, I loved this post pastor Keith:)

Barie is a wonderful mom!

How nice that the house was clean for her when she got home!!