Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Worldwide Justice

I preached a message this Sunday on our future hope in the justice that Jesus will establish when He returns to establish His Kingdom. It was a fascinating topic for me to cover for three reasons:

One, justice is not something I preach on very often and so it was a challenge in sermon preparation, but also in personal conviction.

Two, justice is obviously close to the heart of God. After reading through all the passages in the Scriptures on justice, I am more convinced than ever that the heart of God beats for those who have no advocate.

Three, the justice of God makes sense of the cross of Jesus Christ. Justice explains the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf (see Romans 3:23-25). And this gospel gives us the theological framework to treat all people equally - to live out the justice that is so dear to God's heart.

Our elders voted to give away 50% of our offering this Sunday in response to God's heart for justice around the world. We were moved by God's Word to respond to the injustice in the world by being generous with all that God has given us.

Here are some of the groups we will be supporting:

International Justice Mission - working hard to be an advocate for those who have no advocate, especially in the areas of human slavery, sex trafficking, and abuses of power.

World Vision - working to fight against poverty and epidemic diseases (especially AIDS) among those struggling at the bottom of the world's economic ladder.

Living Water International - group out of Houston that specializes in helping provide sustainable clean water sources to the poorest communities in the world.

Compassion International - working to help children out of poverty and suffering through child-sponsorship, which provides needed nutrition, health-care, education, and family-help.

Voice of the Martyrs - group that works tirelessly to advocate for the persecuted church around the world - presently trying to spread the message ahead of the Beijing Olympics about the fate of Christians in China.

Visit their sites - sign up for newsletters - stay informed - pray - give.

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Lyn said...

Hi Keith,
This is such an encouragement for us here at IJM HQ to read about your support for our work. Have you also managed to read Just Courage (www.justcourage.com), Gary Haugen's latest book? It is certainly for the Restless Christian at heart. Thanks! -Lyn from IJM HQ