Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Year in Review: Life-Change Story #3

Tonight was our fourth baptism celebration of the year. We have baptized at the San Gabriel River in Georgetown twice, the Clay Masden Rec Center once, and tonight we baptized at the Stone Oak Community Pool. It was a beautiful night for a baptism, with cool temperatures, a large oak tree, and a church family that we dearly love. We had the joy of baptizing 10 people tonight, 9 of which were adults. One of the couples we baptized was Jay and Kelly Teresi.

Jay and Kelly visited our church for the first time a few weeks after we started the church. Kelly had met Barie at one of our neighborhood playgrounds as she was watching the three Teresi kids and Barie was watching the three Ferguson boys. Kelly saw Barie's church t-shirt after she had seen our newspaper advertisement, and Kelly was interested enough to tell her husband Jay about us, and they decided to visit. They had been going to another church in town for over a year (where they were first introduced to a clear gospel presentation), and Jay had become a believer. Kelly was interested, but not convinced about all that was said about Jesus.

After they started visiting our church, Jay and Kelly decided to get involved. Jay started singing with the worship team and helping with set-up while Kelly starting working with children's ministry. They both started attending our small group and soon after volunteered their home for small-group childcare. A few months ago, with everything rocking along, Kelly confided in Barie that she had not decided if she believed in Jesus. She was convinced that God was real, that He loved her, but just couldn't get her heart and mind around the fact that Jesus was God and that Jesus had died in her place.

Barie and others started investing more into Kelly and giving her more resources to read, and one Sunday this July, she responded to an invitation to trust Christ during one of our Sunday morning services and became a Christ-follower for the first time. Her and Jay continue to grow every week in their walk with Christ, and we are pumped about how far they have come in the last year. I can't wait to see what God has in store for them. Tonight, Jay and Kelly were baptized together to declare their faith in Jesus Christ publically.

It was a tremendous evening.

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Marni said...


I love reading the life changing stories you've posted. I haven't gotten through any of them dried eyed yet.

Sometimes I questioned why events transpired in the last years that led you, Barie, Douglas, Darin and the McBrides away from us and to Round Rock. I wondered how God was going to show me it was better for you to be there than "home" with us. And now He's showing me that. What a blessing you are to me even though I don't see you daily and weekly like I used to.

I still miss all of you so much, and even though I trusted God's decision to move you, I can now SEE the fruits of why you were moved.

You and your wonderful ministry will continue to be in my prayers.

Much love,