Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wild Week

We've had a wild week over the last seven days.

Our good friends (and fellow staff members) Nick and Jada Shock had their daughter last Tuesday. Emry was born with cleft palet, which brought some complications, but through prayer and good medical care, she came home today from the hospital - great news.

We left last Wednesday to drive to Dallas to visit with my parents and see my grandmother (Mimi) on my mom's side. She is doing very well health-wise, but struggling with her memory. It was great to see her.

We left Dallas on Friday and drove to Gladewater (in East Texas) to see my other grandmother (Nanny), who is sharp mentally, but really struggling physically. She has not felt good over the last couple of months, so it was good to visit with her.

Both grandmothers were excited to see Brynlee and play with her. She truly has brought joy to many already in her short 3 months out of the womb.

We made it back to RR on Saturday night, and did church on Sunday morning. I'm continuing my series on 1 Thessalonians, and we talked on suffering this week. Heavy stuff, but timely.

Today, I'm looking over the pile of work to be done and asking for God's mercy and his help. Later --

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Elizabeth said...

I know it is difficult for ya'll to travel with 4 little ones, but we did so enjoy having you with us last week. Of course, you can come any time that you have an extra day and we will love having you with us. I'll see you next week.
Love, Mom
So happy to hear about Emry being home. I'll continue to keep them in my prayers.