Monday, November 03, 2008


Hey, everyone! Thanks for the prayers. I've been home since Friday night.

I don't really remember anything until Thursday night as I was in a coma-like state since Sunday morning, but God has been very gracious to me by providing me with great medical care at the new Scott and White Hospital next to our house and giving me an unbelievable support network of family and friends that have cared for me and prayed for me so well.

The last two days I've been praying a lot personally - asking God what He is trying to teach me through this whole experience. I can already discern quite a bit and thought I would share some.

First, I have been humbled again by the power of God and my limited strength and ability. It is hard not to be humbled when you are set on your butt for a week by illness. I have been reminded (since I have not preached the last two weeks and our attendance and giving have been up) that Jesus leads our church, not me. Our elders and staff have been amazing, and God has shown me once again that my main role as the spiritual leader of this church is to stay close to Him and spend lots of time on my face.

Second, I have been reminded about what is most important in life - knowing and loving Christ, and knowing and loving others. Because of my dysfunctional type-A personality, it takes quite a bit to remind me about what is most important in life, and it's not my success.

Finally, I have had my eyes opened again to what an amazing wife I have. Barie is my hero in so many ways, and she is such a servant-leader. She constantly has challenged me over our marriage by her compassion and heart for others, but now I've seen it directed at me in such a powerful way. I have to say thank-you to God for giving me such a wonderful wife.

Thanks again to everyone for your prayers and encouragement. You have been great support during this whole week. Blessings to you...



Marni said...

It's awesome to see and update on you, by you :)

Much love,


Anonymous said...

So good to hear that you are doing well. I look forward to hearing all that God has taught you through this process. God is good!


Kendall said...

It is encouraging to hear what God is showing you. I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say, that I wish you were spared such a trial. But your wife was an example for all of us in trusting in God's sovereignty. I agree with you and your perspective...she is amazing. Keep getting rest.
Kendall (& Adam)

Brent said...

Something those of us in full-time vocational ministry totally understand: "I have been reminded (since I have not preached the last two weeks and our attendance and giving have been up) that Jesus leads our church, not me."

Only another pastor really "gets" that statement! Classic.