Sunday, January 04, 2009

Reading Scripture in 2009

You might remember that I read through the Bible in 2008 in 90-days (in the first three months of the year). I highly enjoyed the experience and felt like I grew in my personal discipline and appreciation for reading the Bible as a whole narrative, not just as disjunctive pieces of literature. This year, in 2009, I have committed to slow down my Bible reading to a two-year pace and to read a different translation, The Message. I've read parts of Peterson's paraphrase over the last few years, but I would like to read it from cover to cover. I'm going to follow this 2-year Bible reading plan that takes you through the psalms, proverbs, and the NT more than once during the two years while you are working your way systematically through the OT. Pray that I will stay disciplined over these two years and that my ears will be open to hear God's voice each day. May God captivate your heart and transform your mind through His Word in 2009...

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