Thursday, January 15, 2009

Traywick on India

Brady Trayick, the pastor of Crossroad Community Church in Austin (an association church-plant) recently went to India and spent some time with church-planters who are passionate about reaching their nation for Christ. He sent out an email when he returned with some great thoughts on his trip. I share them with you here...
Several words frame my recent experience......Simplicity, Suffering, Passion, Urgency, Suck-it-up (okay, so not a word but phrase).

......the Indian church is rapidly reproducing itself and seeing the fruit we only dream about here......why? perhaps - because all of the trappings of materialism are cut away and they simply obey the Scripture. They tell their story, they tell His story, and they give account. Then they repeat the process.

Suffering seems shallow, empty, very hallow to even type about this: We have no clue, better yet - I have no clue of the real meaning of suffering. Truly their suffering is not 'theoretical', it is not a suffering of is real, it is visible, it is brutal.

......not the charismatic, I am so happy, I lift my hands to the Lord kind of passion - but real depth, breadth, kind of.....quiet strength that comes only after real suffering. You can see it in their eyes, hear it in their is authentic, validated by first hand experience - not possibilities.

......every trip to the "ends of the earth" only stirs my passion for my Jerusalem. My first inclination is to sell the farm and move the whole family tomorrow. I am confident that this will happen before God checks me out, Lord willing. Yet for now.....I am stirred with renewed passion that my Jerusalem needs the 'grace and mercy' of JC.

Suck It Up
......we (I) need to quit whining! Christians need to get off of the couch and start telling their story, start telling His story, and then give an account. How much more 'equipping' do we need before we implode? We, (I) need to die to the American Dream and live with full abandon toward an eternal perspective. We need to engage people with the gospel at all costs and with all measures. Time is short!
Well said, Brady - thanks for the challenge!

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Kendall said...

This is so good and challenging. I love Brady & Christy. It is amazing how clearly you see God's truth after serving on a mission trip.

This phrase, "Time is short!" has been on my mind so much lately. I pray that God keeps reminding me of this and for the strength to live it out.