Friday, February 13, 2009

Dr. Harold Hoehner

I was really saddened to hear this morning that Dr. Harold Hoehner, long-time professor of New Testament at Dallas Seminary, died yesterday at the age of 74. One of the greatest joys I had while studying at DTS was taking NT105 with Dr. Hoehner. This was my fifth semester of Greek, and it was basically studying through the book of Romans in the original language while sitting at the feet of a world-class scholar. This is the kind of stuff you can't get anywhere else than at a great seminary like DTS. Looking back over all the courses I took at seminary and all the money I paid to get my masters, I would have paid twice what they asked just to get the opportunity to sit at Dr. Hoehner's feet.

I not only appreciated his brilliant mind, but his tender heart. I took NT105 with about 15 others students, and Dr. Hoehner was so gracious to all of us. He was patient when we were slow to understand, prayerful when students shared their struggles, and helpful in equipping us to really learn and teach God's Word effectively. After I took Dr. Hoehner's class on Romans, I soon began teaching a men's Bible study group on Friday mornings. Can you guess what I taught? You got it - verse by verse through the book of Romans. Thank you, Dr. Hoehner, for the investment you made in knowing God's Word and the investment you made in me.

To read more about Dr. Hoehner's life, check out DTS' tribute to him on their website. Also, take a second to look at his exegetical commentary on Ephesians, the best work on Ephesians in print.

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