Monday, February 16, 2009

Innovative Companies

Fast Company magazine announced their picks for the world's 50 most innovative companies in 2008. Their selections and descriptions of these top-50 companies were insightful and challenging. What companies do you think were on the top of their lists? Here's their top four:

#1: Team Obama. Fast Company noted that Obama's online organization team mobilized people (both to volunteer their time and give their money) in a way never thought possible before this election cycle. I guess this disproves the notion that online connections are not real connections.

#2: Google. With a simple idea like "organize the world's information and make it available to all," this "search" company is taking the world by storm. For those of us who live on the web, it is hard to imagine the world without google. And Fast Company highlights their innovative efforts that will change our lives in the years to come.

#3: Hulu. Hulu is a start-up effort that combines TV shows from Fox, NBC, and other networks in an online venue. In other words, it allows you to watch TV on the internet. While others groups are working on this, Hulu has been the most innovative and successful at putting lots of content online and making it enjoyable to watch.

#4: Apple. Even, with Steve Job out on medical leave, Apple is proving itself a powerhouse with regards to innovation. Who isn't impressed with the iPhone, the new Mac computers, and the ease of iTunes. Apple has innovated itself from obsolescence a few years ago to being the envy of the computer world.

Agree or disagree with Fast Company's top four choices?

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Hallam Fam News said...

love Hulu. I was one of their beta users because it was easy to catch The Office there. Now that it's gone live last year, they're doing a great job - I catch Jon Stewart there a couple of times a week, and if I miss a show, there's a good chance that they'll have it. The more shows they work out agreements with the better it'll get. It's great to watch a show with only one or two commercials