Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Training Day #1

Today, my dad and I flew to Phoenix, Arizona to enjoy three days of the Texas Rangers in spring-training. We get to see them play three different teams at three different stadiums. Today, they played the San Diego Padres in Peoria. The weather was awesome, the seats were a gift from a friend, and the Rangers looked really good. Their major bats were hitting like crazy - both Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton had three hits by the end of the fourth inning! Their starting pitcher (which everyone was watching closely - as every year with the Rangers, their season will rise or fall on their pitching staff) was a young guy named McCarthy who pitched four innings of no-hit baseball. Of course, the Padres looked terrible, so I don't know how much of McCarthy's performance was good pitching or awful hitting. Either way, we knew the coaching staff was pleased to see their young starter perform well.

Tomorrow, we head to the Rangers' actual spring-training complex in Surprise, Arizona (another 15 minutes or so away from the game today). We're going to start our day tomorrow early so that we can see them practice in the morning before they play their exhibition game against the Oakland Athletics, a divisional rival. It should be another great day! I'll post some more thoughts tomorrow.

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Peter Horn said...

Good move! Spend some time with dad...and see the Rangers during their best time of the year :-).
Have fun