Friday, May 22, 2009

An Interesting 10 Days

I've had a very-different last 10 days. A quick overview with some initial thoughts...

My grandmother passed away last Tuesday. I traveled to Gladewater in East Texas on Sunday night to be with my family and lead the funeral service for Mimi on Monday morning. My grandmother was 92 years old, and while it is always emotionally difficult to lose someone you love, we were all grateful that she died without a long period of suffering and pain. She got sick two weeks ago, had some internal issues going on, then her kidneys gave out quickly and went to be with Jesus. The funeral was hard, but God was faithful to give me grace for the moment. It is always good to see all the family, but regretful that everyone only gets together when something tragic happens. Mimi was an awesome lady, and we had fun celebrating her life and remembering what she taught each of us.

We baptized 35 people in the San Gabriel River on Sunday night. The weather was perfect, the river looked great, and around 200 people came out to the river Sunday night to watch baptism from the banks of the river. We had 12 adults and 23 kids getting baptized. It was a tremendous time of connecting with our church family and remembering that God is changing lives all around us. I was so thankful for the great night of celebrating the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to change lives forever. God was good to us that night at the river.

I turned 30 years old on Monday
. The day of the funeral for my grandmother was also my 30th birthday. Already in a reflective mood because of doing a funeral, I was more reflective than normal when crossing the threshold from my 20s to my 30s. Looking back over my 20s, I realize that life is short - the whole decade went so fast, but it also included so much that defines my life now - college, marriage, ministry, seminary, kids, church-planting. I'm wondering out loud what I might want to do with my next ten years. What will I be thinking about when I'm 40?

I had my 9th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. My anniversary and wedding are two days apart, and this week I was able to celebrate 9 years of marriage to the love of my life, Barie Sue. We have had an awesome 9 years together, and I am looking forward to many, many more years together. I work with lots of couples that have marriage problems, so I know how truly blessed I am to be married to someone that I enjoy so much. Barie is my best friend, an incredible wife and mom. Barie does her best to keep me young and enjoying life, and she always makes me laugh. She wrote a sweet letter to me on her blog, which is just more proof that I've got her completely fooled. ;-)

The RRISD school board opened two schools at their meeting last night. As many of you know, I've been working with the Round Rock ISD school board for over a year on the issue of allowing churches to rent their facilities on Sundays. Their policy has been hurting the ability of new churches to come and get started in Round Rock, and we've been praying that the district would reverse this policy. We spoke late at the RRISD board meeting last night, and the board voted to open two middle schools for use during the next school year. One of those middle schools is right in the target area of our church plant, so we are thankful to God for opening that door for our new church-plant to walk through.

These last 10 days have been a blur, but I'm reminded that God is author of our stories. I am thankful to Him for keeping me above water over the last two weeks.

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Elizabeth said...

I feel very blessed to have a son that handles both the joys and sadness that comes with life with such grace. It has been an incredible month in our family with the birth of a baby, losing Mimi, Karen's surgery and birthdays and anniversaries. I definitely think that God has had his arms around us all during these times. Although it has been a stressful month, too many things have happened that prove how little control we have over things in our lives.
I love you, too!
Love, Mom