Saturday, June 13, 2009

Awesome Two Weeks

I haven't blogged in the last two weeks, so a quick update on all that has been happening -

We took a much-needed week of family vacation after a very busy spring. We spent a week in a condo at Canyon Lake, northwest of San Antonio. We spent two of those days at Fiesta Texas (which the boys loved) and the rest of the time doing lots of swimming, playing lots of putt-putt, and enjoying time together as a family. We had a blast, and I was so thankful to have the time to simply focus on my family.

We got back into town on Saturday, June 6th, then prepared for Barie's first-ever triathlon on Sunday, June 7th. She did an amazing job - you can read about her experience and see pictures on her blog. I was so proud of her hard work in preparing for the event and doing so well in it.

Afterward, on Sunday evening, the 7th, I started my week-long study-break. Once a year, the elders of our church ask me to take a week away from the responsibilities of the church to read and study and pray about where God is leading our congregation in the next year. It is truly an amazing time to have focused time to listen for God's direction. This year, my mom and Barie's mom agreed to take the kids for the week so that Barie could join me for some time to rejuvenate herself. We spent three nights at the Haven River Inn in Comfort, TX, a great bed-and-breakfast that gives pastors two nights a year free and other nights at half-price. Those three days were incredibly quiet and relaxing as I spent time reading and studying.

I finished my study break yesterday, and our elders had our first elder-retreat of the year last night and today. Our church is blessed with an incredible group of elders that I am immensely thankful for. They gave up their weekend to pray and reflect together on what God is saying to our church. I reported on all that I had studied and thought about during my study break, and we made great progress as an elder board.

I read 10 books during this week away, and I'll report on my blog some of my thoughts and takeaways from each of those books. I'm excited to get back to the church tomorrow and see all the wonderful people in our church family. I'm pumped about getting back in the office this week and getting to work. And I'm thrilled to be back at home with all of my family under one roof.

God has been too gracious to me.

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