Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend for Wife & Dad

We had a wonderful weekend - my wonderful wife turned 30 years old on Saturday. As we were at dinner Saturday night at the awesome Main Street Grill in Round Rock (if you go, get the Grilled Salmon), we spent over two hours just talking about how blessed we have been in our 20's. We've had four wonderful kids, who continue to amaze us and challenge us every day as parents. We've graduated from college and graduate school. We've moved our family to Round Rock to plant a church which is about to turn 2-years old. We've bought our first home, we've made awesome friends, and we've gotten to know our neighbors. What a decade! But the best decision I made in my 20's was to marry Barie Davis right after my 21st birthday. A friend, a partner, a lover, and fellow seeker of God - everything a man could hope for in his spouse.

We also celebrated Father's Day this weekend. My kids made me the marker-art that 3, 4, and 5 year-olds make. They loved on me, bought me a Sunday paper (my favorite!), and then Barie made an awesome chicken-fried steak dinner. But this Father's Day I'm reminded of how blessed I am with the dad I have. A hard-working, compassionate, intelligent, faithful man, my dad has taught me many important lessons about life. I would definitely not be the man I am today without his influence, his guidance, and his friendship. And as I grow older (and he gets closer to retirement), our friendship continues to grow. Maybe it's our mutual hope for the Rangers this year or maybe it is just a son who is starting to better appreciate the most influential man in his life. Happy Father's Day, dad.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow! How sweet! Hope we have many more years to enjoy each other as adults. Hope you are having a great week!
Love, Mom