Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Kidney Transplant Day

Today is a big day in the life of two families that are a part of our congregation. Matt and Kristina Hedges have been fighting a long health battle with Kristina's type-1 diabetes over the last several years. Kristina has spent several week-long stays in the hospital due to complications from her diabetes. She is getting good care here in Austin, but she is still walking a major uphill climb.

Recently, due to her struggle with high blood sugar, her kidneys gave out and she had to begin dialysis. These treatments are long and difficult, and she has been going three-times a week for her dialysis over the last couple of months. During this time, they began praying for Kristina to be able to get a kidney transplant to change her quality of life for the future.

As word went out in our congregation for help and prayers, Joel Caldwell felt God leading her to be willing to give up one of her kidneys for Kristina. Joel (and her husband Scott) spent time praying and asking God for soft hearts to His will. The Caldwell's have three kids - one teenage daughter and two younger sons. After listening to God, this family felt like it was definitely God's desire for them to sacrifice for Kristina's health and future.

So - today is the day. We have been praying for weeks for this surgery and today it has finally come. We met the two families (and their extended families) this morning at the hospital at 9:00AM for prayer. The operation is being completed at St. David's North Austin Medical Center (on Mopac and Parmer). Joel has already gone into pre-op and will go into surgery first to remove one of her kidneys. Then, Kristina will go into surgery around noon to receive Joel's kidney. Pray for both surgeries, the doctors who will do the operations, for Kristina's body to receive the new kidney without rejection, and for no infections to begin due to surgery.

We have all been moved by Joel's loving sacrifice for another family. Thank you, Joel, for showing us the love of Christ at work in your life and what it means to really give yourself away to another person. Your devotion to Christ is a testimony to His greatness and His work in your life. Thanks for having such a compassionate heart - we are all learning from watching your example.

Updates today can be found on Matt Hedges' facebook - just request to be his friend and follow along.

Update @ 9:35PM: fixed the link above for the right Matt Hedges. Also, everyone is out of surgery and doing well this evening - keep up the prayers!

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