Saturday, July 04, 2009

Movie Notes: The Changeling

Last night, Barie and I finished our date by picking up some chips and queso at Chuy's to bring home and renting The Changeling (we had a free rental at Red Box). All we had heard about the movie was that it was the true story of a lady in the early 20th century whose son had been kidnapped. Boy, did we have a lot to learn.

This movie is the one of the most gut-wrenching movies I've ever seen (and I've seen a few). The story is gripping and well-acted throughout, but also incredibly disturbing. This film wants to make you throw up at parts and throw things at the screen during others - and all of this is magnified because you can't believe the whole time that the story is true. The narrative starts with Christine Collins' son (Walter) being abducted and the rest of the movie is her attempts to get the LAPD to help her find her son. They bring back another boy who is not her son, then treat her with utter contempt because she questions their conclusions. The 2-hour, 20 minute movie takes several unexpected turns along the way and reminds the Christian viewer why he believes in total depravity.

As a theologian, I was fascinated by this film's look into the dark parts of the human soul. As a parent, I would not recommend it unless you want to be freaked out about the crazies out there who might abduct your children. If you are already paranoid about your kids' safety, this film will not help.

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