Friday, July 03, 2009

Rediscovering the Library

After work yesterday, I walked down to the Round Rock Library to look for the next book in the Oxford History of the United States. I've read three in the series and wanted to keep going. But they are not cheap to buy. Barie recently signed us up for a membership at the RR Library (we have to pay a small membership fee to borrow books because we don't technically live in the city) because she wanted to get books for the kids to read. As a smart mom, she's always looking for stuff for the boys to do indoors during these incredible hot summer days. So, I borrowed our library card and went down to the library.

The RR Library is not huge, but has a good selection of history books (stuff I like to read). Sure enough, I was able to find my book, and I've been enjoying it today. Who new something as old-school as the library could bring such joy?! Maybe I will be hanging out there more and save some money.

Of course, I am tracking a pastor's library for sale in northern California. The family is only asking $400 for over 2000 books in the library. The problem is getting it to Round Rock. All the options I'm looking at are more expensive to ship than to buy the books. Oh well, it may be best that I don't get these 2000 books. ;)

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Peter Horn said...

Road trip!?!?