Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Sitting here at home at the end of a great Sunday, excited by the following...

1) We had another first-time decision to trust Christ today at church - very cool.
2) We seem to be hitting our stride again after moving the Summit church-plant core team out of ministry this spring. The Summit core-team has been visiting other churches the last few weeks, so we have started to get a feel for what it will really feel like in September when they launch. I have honestly been nervous, but God is so faithful in sending us great new families who are plugging in to the life of our church very quickly. It is truly amazing to watch God work in that way - a reminder of His faithfulness and our need to be open-handed with all that God gives us.
3) The worship was awesome this morning - great sound, good songs, meaningful time together in prayer before church. I also love it when we take communion - seems to really help us keep the cross at the center of our church-life together.
4) We had concert of prayer this evening outdoors, and it was hot! As with everything we are doing with Rock the Rock this year, we are changing our church's paradigm for summer outreach. We have decided to love on our city, especially those parts that are closest to the YMCA and least reached by the churches in our community. I thought the prayer-walk was significant.
5) As I'm challenged to think about ministering to the Spanish-speaking community in Round Rock, I'm also impressed that we need to help those with a Catholic background to understand the gospel as personal trust in the living Christ. How to do this respectfully but also truthfully seems to be the issue. I'm thinking sometime in the spring about doing a series on doctrine and I would like to do some teaching on the Catholic and Protestant views of justification.
6) We have an awesome team of leaders and an awesome church. I am constantly amazed at our people and their willingness to serve others in the name of Christ. I think we had over 100 people out tonight at the YMCA soccer fields for concert of prayer - wow. What is God going to do this week in response to our prayers and the faithful service of so many? I can't wait to hear.

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