Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Night Thoughts...

Wow - what a tremendous week we've just had! A few thoughts rolling around in my head...

1) God answers prayer! Excited to know that both Kristina Hedges and Joel Caldwell are home recovering this weekend after both having some complications after the kidney transplant. Keep praying for them!

2) The gospel changes lives! We had 295 visitor-kids from the community come to our Kids-Clubs this year (not counting our kids) and 17 kids trusted Christ for the first time.

3) We have the best people anywhere! Our church-members worked so hard all week to love on our community with the love of Christ. And our teenagers kept the energy up all week as well - great job guys!

4) Cross-cultural ministry is awesome! We are learning so much about loving the Hispanic community in Round Rock and welcoming them into our congregation with open arms. We need to do much more to work on issues like poverty, language-education, and immigration - but always with the gospel at the center of what we do.

5) God is stretching us! I love the fact that God does not leave us where we are, but continues to refine us through new vision and new challenges. I see all of our people growing so much as we follow Christ.

6) What's next? My eyes are wide open, excited to see what God will do in the next six months. Sure feels like He is up to something big right now. I hope we continue to stay sensitive to Him and out of His way.

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