Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Marriage and Sex

As someone who has done a lot of teaching to students about sexuality over the years, I was really interested in this article from Christianity Today that just came out. The article, written by UT professor Mark Regnerus, makes the case for early marriage. I hope you will take time to read his thoughts. While his argument is not air-tight, it is an extremely helpful correction to our over-focus on sexuality and lack of teaching on marriage. I hope that we can help the next generation of young people make good choices sexually by making good choices with marriage.


Hallam Fam News said...

wow - i was initially turned off by the title BUT i was really intrigued to see that he's making more of an argument against prolonged courtship and putting marriage last on our to-do list, than actually advocating what we would consider "early" marriage. really fascinating. i have never thought of it from this perspective but i agree with most of what he's saying. i would add that i think our young ladies see how easily men and women fall out of love in books, movies, magazines, "reality" tv, etc, and fear that the same will happen so they should wait it out and make sure it's really love - Regnerus makes a great point on this topic about chemistry. thanks for sharing this - gives me lots to percolate on. think all of our youth ladies should read this and spend some time really thinking about it.

Mark said...

Also, why not encourage the parents to make it a goal to raise children who are mature enough to marry somewhere around age 20? It is the parents fault if they infantilize their kids until they are 28. This whole thing of idolizing a college education is a joke anyway. Ask all those people with management, marketing, history, English and psychology degrees how critical their college education is on a daily basis. The conventional wisdom that every self-respecting person must have a four-year degree and a few years of "career" before getting married is a travesty. For boys especially, even those from christian homes, who are sexually aware sometime in their early teens, you're asking them to remain pure for FIFTEEN YEARS while they get their four year degree and work experience. Total mis-prioritization. Kudos the the writer of the article for thinking outside the box (i.e., for not going along with the lemmings). Not that it's wrong to marry in your late 20's, but for heaven's sake, why don't we honor marriage and family enough to make our kids marriage-ready by age 20? Or even 18?