Monday, August 24, 2009

School Starting Tomorrow!

Big day in the Ferguson home tomorrow as Kade starts kindergarten tomorrow at Teravista Elementary School. We went to the Kindergarten round-up on Friday and had the chance to meet his teacher. Kade is very excited, though he shared last night that he is a little nervous about meeting a whole new group of kids. But after a week, they will probably all be his best friends. Kade's teacher seems great, and we are excited about this new phase in his life. Pray for mom and dad, however, as we are a little overwhelmed emotionally that our son is old enough to start school! I know that millions of parents have been through it before us, but it is still hard for us, being our first time.

My prayer goes out this morning for all the kids, teachers, and administrators starting back to school tomorrow - for God's grace to cover the new classes and the new relationships. And I pray that those of us who claim the name of Christ can represent Him well this very public environment. To everyone starting back, I pray for a great year!

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Elizabeth said...

Kade sounded like he enjoyed himself when I talked to him last night. I look forward to updates. Keeping you all in my prayers for a smooth transition into school day schedules. Have a great day! Love, Mom