Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spurgeon on Prayer

Quote for the Day:
We are taught to say, "Our Father," but still it is, "Our Father who are in heaven." Familiarity there may be, but holy familiarity; boldness, but the boldness which springs from grace and is the work of the Spirit; not the boldness of the rebel who carries a brazen front in the presence of his offended king, but the boldness of the child who fears because he loves, and loves because he fears. Never fall into the vainglorious style of impertinent address to God; he is not to be assailed as an antagonist, but entreated with as our Lord and God. Humble and lowly let us be in spirit, and so let us pray.
Helpful reminder today that we can go boldly before our God through Jesus our Savior, but that we should never lose perspective. We are still approaching the Sovereign of All Creation.

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