Monday, August 03, 2009

What do we worship?

One of the things I enjoy on Sundays after church is picking up a Sunday-edition of the newspaper to read. You can imagine that it caught my attention this week when I had just finished preaching about the idols that can choke out the Word of God in our lives and I opened the Austin paper to find this interesting full-page article about the new Cowboys' stadium. The title of the article says, "Cathedral of Football" and says that Cowboys' fans "can take a trip to Arlington to worship in Dallas' new stadium." Wow - never thought I would see it so clearly laid out, especially by our local paper. I guess when you spend $1.4 billion to build a new stadium, you run out of words to describe what is happening - you can only turn to God-words like cathedral and worship. So sad, but so true. I like the Cowboys, but are they really worthy of our worship?

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