Monday, September 14, 2009

Sick Day

I've felt lousy today, trying to shake a cough and sore throat and lots of drainage (yummy). My voice barely made it through preaching yesterday (God's grace), but it is almost completely gone today. I tried to go and coach t-ball tonight for the boys, but I wasn't much good without a voice (thankfully I had a whistle). So, today I decided to read The Hobbit. One word - awesome.

I've owned the whole Lord of the Rings set since the movies came out and got me interested, but I've never actually read them from start to finish. With so much serious stuff filling my reading list lately, it was time for a break and something just purely enjoyable. Of course, Tolkien makes great points throughout his books about life and human nature and truth, but mainly they are just a great story. Creative, imaginative, fun, rhythmic, insightful, and interesting. Did I mention fun?

Now on to LotR book I - Fellowship of the Ring. And after I read them through, I will take out the movies and enjoy them again; it's been a while since I watched them.

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Tom Goodman said...

Oh, if your only intro to LOTR has been the films, you're in for a treat! The films were great, but the books--ah! I visit Middle Earth every 5 years or so. Merry and Pippin are more complex in the book, Faramir more noble, Treebeard WAY more interesting, Denethor more tragic, and wait til you get to the "unfallen Adam" who never showed up in the film (you'll meet him in the first book).