Thursday, October 08, 2009

Awesome Time of the Year

I have to confess that October is one of my favorite months of the year. It brings...

1) Cooler weather (and this year wetter weather!) - after a brutally hot and dry summer here in Austin, we are ready for some cool, wet weather. My attitude always seems to improve a little bit as the weather changes - not a lot, just a little.

2) Baseball playoffs - though the Rangers couldn't make it this year (they did give us a great season), the baseball playoffs are still great to watch. The crowds are huge and energetic - the players are at their peak - and every game matters.

3) Holidays are close - the holiday season is so much fun at home and at church - I just look forward to it with great expectation every year. And October seems to be the month that starts the discussions - what are we doing for the holidays, where are we going, what are we doing for the kids - all so fun. And everyone gets some much-needed time off.

4) More people outside - seems like every night, our neighbors are hanging out outside in the street with each other since the weather has turned, the kids are playing, the parents talking - just an awesome time to connect with more people.

5) Dreaming for the next year - we do our ministry planning for the next year in October of each year, and though planning and budgeting can be tedious at times, I love dreaming about the future and trying new things - all of that starts in October. We even do some planning for our family next year - and this one will be big since next next May is ten years of marriage.

What's your favorite time of the year?

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Gennae Heer said...

The summer used to be my favorite time of year....warm days, cool nights, sleeping with the windows open. BUT, now that I live in Texas, I usually love fall...less humidity...not so windows at night?! This fall seems to be tricking me. Can you say muggy? I'm just thankful it isn't 100+ degrees outside.