Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finished the Race!

What an awesome weekend!

Barie and I did our fourth annual Getting Away to Get It Together weekend. We had a great time this year. We ran the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon on Sunday morning in 2 hours, 25 minutes, and 58 seconds. We then spent the rest of Sunday recovering from running a half-marathon. You can watch the video of us crossing the line on the Rock 'n' Roll website - just enter in Bib Number 16446.

After the race, Barie and I spent the next two days regrouping on the home front - evaluating our relationships with God, each other, and our kids. We spent time discussing our calendar, our budget, and our priorities as a family. It was a tremendously refreshing and helpful time.

Thanks for everyone's encouragement and prayers. Now go run!

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lynnette said...

congrats to you and barie on finishing the half!!!