Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Proud Husband Alert

What an awesome weekend!

In the last few days, our church family has participated in Jingle Jam out at Round Rock Family Christmas Night on Friday, prayed for 24 hours on Saturday, and hosted the Women's Christmas Social on Sunday. All three went extremely well.

The staff and the LIVE team did a great job representing our church and Christ to our city. Many families in our city were exposed to the message of the gospel through Jingle Jam. Hat's off to the team who set up the show and braved the tough weather to pull off a great evening.

I also have to say how proud I was of my wife for the message she gave at the Women's Christmas Social. She worked hard for two weeks to prepare a message that would share the heart of God with the 230 women who came this year. I might be biased, but I thought she did a phenomenal job in sharing the story of Christ in a winsome and authentic way. I know that many great spiritual conversations were started because of that event.

Thanks to everyone in our church who participated in these events this weekend, especially those of you who prayed. I believe God is moving in such powerful ways because we continue to seek His face on a regular basis. Ultimately, I am thankful to God for His grace and His presence in all that we do. Thank you, Father, for such an awesome weekend and such an awesome wife...

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Anonymous said...

Barie did an awesome job on Sunday! I am so lucky to have met such a beautiful and awe inspiring woman/family. Thank you for allowing us into your lives=)