Monday, February 15, 2010

Reading Lately...

Sometimes people ask what I've been reading lately. Here's a quick overview of some books I've finished in the last few weeks. I'll have a longer review tomorrow for a book on parenting that I'm reading right now. We are finishing a three-week marriage series from the book of Genesis in the morning at church, and then we are starting a three-week parenting series from the book of Genesis next Sunday. Both have been really energizing to work on and helpful to our families (from the feedback I've received so far). Because of that, I've been looking back over some books on marriage and parenting the last several weeks. I'll post a review of one of the new parenting books I've read next week. But, here are some others that I've read - both work-related and some just-for-fun stuff.

1- Forgotten God by Francis Chan. Chan's book on the Holy Spirit was a good reminder of living in daily dependence on the Spirit and teaching our people to walk with Him each day. A good primer on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the practice of engaging the Spirit daily.

2- Why We Love the Church by DeYoung & Kluck. Similar in format to the book they wrote on the emergent movement (alternating chapters), this is a response to increasingly popular stream of thought that is anti-establishment and anti-institution. I found it extremely helpful and encouraging, giving me words to describe why I feel so positively about the local church.

3- How to Multiply Your Church by Ralph Moore. Moore is the founder of the Hope Chapel movement of churches and the pastor of Hope Chapel in Hawaii. The book is more motivational than strategic, but Moore's words and his example did help me process some of my fears related to church-multiplication.

4- Money, Greed, and God by Jay Richards. This is the most helpful book I have ever read on how economies really work. Richards writes as an economist and as a committed Christian, and his insights and explanations have radically changed my view of economics.

5- Stone Cold by David Baldacci. I haven't read a fiction book in a while and got this one on clearance at B&N and read it while I was in Colorado. Fun read, fast paced, entertaining, nothing life-changing. I already forgot what it was about.

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